Service & Maintenance


We at City Lights are proud of our in-house Service and Maintenance team. This is a feature of City Lights that makes us standout. What makes this to our advantage is the fact that we have the ability to provide the best possible services in a timely and efficient manner. These services include professionally executed repairs as well as maintenance to your property, all done by a team of highly skillful and professional in house workers.

We are unique in that we do not outsource the repairs and maintenance work, instead we prefer to do it ourselves. That is made possible due to the highly polished skillset of our workers who take pride in providing the services as they best can.
We have a vehicle fleet that is ready at all times to provide on-call services ranging from the gathering of debri to full scale renovation of a building. Our team is always equipped with state of the art toolset that helps them in providing the services accurately.

We provide:
  • Provision of timely scheduling for maintenance needs
  • Proactive care of property investment
  • Reduced overhead costs compared to sub trades
  • Professionally educated and skillfull staff

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